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L’Epicerie du Cloître

A century-old paulownia seems to watch over the destiny of this miraculous guinguette outdoor café. And even if Alex Arnal has gone off to test his luck in Paris, his brother Armand (La Chassagnette) now runs the daily routine of the Hôtel du Cloître’s Epicerie. Its menu is as small as it is adorable: lovely artichokes in a Banyuls vinaigrette (€7), a nostalgic brandade de morue (€7) or a more consequential plate of beets with a mackerel condiment and potatoes with cod (€12). Other artisanal treats you can remove straight from the can: Galician-style mussels from Los Peperetes (€12), Portuguese-style cod from Tricana (€10), or even sticklebacks in chili oil from Minor (€7). And for anyone with a sweet tooth, there’s an obligatory chocolate mousse (€5) and nothing else! In the glasses, you’ll find sparkling wine from the Landron estates (€5), Éolienne, a white from Le Mas Espanet (€5.50), Siffle-moi, a red from Le Vin Des Potes (€28 a bottle), and Masumi sake (€10 a dose). À la carte €20.50 to €29. // J.G.

Getting there

Restaurant L’Epicerie du Cloître
22, rue du Cloître
TEL: +33 4 88 09 10 10