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Restaurant L'Inattendu in BayonneL'Inattendu (Bayonne) - © L'Inattendu

Although they only have a combined 54 years to their names, Mathieu Salmon (ex-La Table/Sébastien Gravé…) and Manon Hartxubehere are making the buzz-o-meter skyrocket at the former Auberge du Petit Bayonne. What do these two Basque Country natives have up their sleeves? First-rate goods (Herriko beef, poultry from Souaide, vegetables from the MOF supplier Jérôme Durquet in Anglet) and stunning cuisine, all served in a beautiful bistro with whitewashed walls, exposed rafters and wooden benches. Paired with a nice Italian “Riondo Garanea” white wine (€3 a glass), what did lunch have in store for us that day? Delightful Galician octopus with parsley pesto, sweet potato hummus, a satay-infused raw milk cream and golden corn bread lace-like tuiles (€12). Followed by a very tender rump steak with parsnip chips and parsnip mousseline seasoned with hazelnut oil, anchoiade and caramelized cashews (€20), even better with a glass of Irouléguy from the Domaine Brana (€5). Before a cinnamon ganache brownie, served with malt ice cream and a cacao and piment d’Espelette tuile (€9). To drink, there are some good deals to be found in the wine collection, like Le Temps Est Venu, a biodynamic Côtes-du-Rhône from Stéphane Ogier (€23) or a German Riesling from the Wittmann estate (€24). There are lunch set menus during the week (appetizer + main or main + dessert for €19) and a prix-fixe menu for €24. Saturday at lunch and evenings, there’s an appetizer + main or main + dessert for €29, and prix-fixe menus for €37 or €52 (six courses). À la carte €41. // P.L.

Getting there

Restaurant L'Inattendu
23, rue des Cordeliers
TEL: +33 5 59 59 83 44