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La Bijouterie

Restaurant La Bijouterie in LyonLa Bijouterie (Lyon) - © Adrien Simon

Unfinished walls, golden wallpaper, Edison light bulbs and an open kitchen… The cool bijouterie (or jewelry box) owned by Arnaud Laverdin (who also runs Sapnà) is still shining bright like a diamond! The night we went, chef Thomas Pezeril’s menu featured five flamboyant courses: incredible raw Mediterranean shrimp swimming in a fermented green tomato water, with crispy shrimp head tempura and a siphoned rouille; a lovely lamb tartare with black seaweed and sea lettuce, puffed quinoa and a fermented pepper jus; an incredible artichoke duo (prepared as both an emulsion and a purée), with a chervil and chive salad, beautifully golden halloumi and enoki mushrooms; a sublime burrata ice cream with green tomatoes and an unusual olive oil gelée; before a completely insane dessert featuring pickled blueberries, blueberry sorbet and a blueberry tuile, covered in a comforting caramel sauce and sprinkled with a chicken skin nougatine and tuile! FYI: the lunch options are just as precious: eg.: duck karaage with Japanese mayo and harissa; fried wontons with smoked herring and kimchi… Yum! // G.V.

FEELING THIRSTY? A naturalist wine selection: a Saint-Péray from the Domaine de Lorient (€7.50 a glass), a pet’ nat’ from Giachino (€37 a bottle), a red Occhipinti Cuvée SP68 (€48), a Jura Savagnin-Ouillé from Philippe Bornard (€65)…

PRICE: Menus €22-28 (weekday lunch), €47 (dinner and Saturday lunch).

Getting there

Restaurant La Bijouterie
16, rue Hippolyte-Flandrin
TEL: +33 4 78 08 14 03
Subway: Hôtel de Ville - Louis Pradel