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La Chope des Artistes

Restaurant La Chope des Artistes  in ParisLa Chope des Artistes (Paris) - © La Chope des Artistes

La Chope has just gotten a makeover! Not in terms of its actual style, because the Théâtre du Splendid’s bistro still dazzles with its patina from 1876 (dark wooden paneling, pearly chandeliers, velvet curtains) and the photographs of the legendary theater troupe that set up headquarters here in the 80s… But in terms of the ambiance, which was given an update in keeping with the times by Ramy Ndione (the former owner of a concept store) and his spirited team. The crowd? Young artsy folks who come share the groovy plates (which still have some kinks to work out) made by the twenty-something chef Diadié Diombana (ex-Buffet), aka Freddy’s Kitchen. Served à la carte the other night: an impeccable runny fried egg sprinkled with za’atar atop a very full plate romaine salad with vinaigrette; flashy smoked eggplant with pesto rosso, walnuts and pickled red onion; a cheeky tuna sashimi under a heap of cherries and mandolined and marinated fennel; a good rib-eye steak with fries to keep the old-timers from freaking out; before a plump brioche French toast served with hibiscus poached pear. // A.A.

FEELING THIRSTY? Beautiful natural wines: a Languedoc red from Rémi Poujol (€6 a glass), a Greek Muscat from Bouju and Ligas (€26 a bottle), a Sicilian rosé from Franck Cornelissen (€32)…

PRICE: Plates €6-20.

Getting there

Restaurant La Chope des Artistes
48, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin
TEL: +33 1 42 02 86 76
Subway: Jacques Bonsergent, Château d'Eau, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis