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La Lupita

Big wooden tables, metal chairs, paper flags… Prepare yourself for an immediate departure straight to the heart of Mexico! Starting at 7pm, Margaritas and Mezcal Mules flood the big terrace of La Lupita. They are quickly accompanied by some good old classics for hungry gringos: copious burritos with spicy beef, rice and guacamole (€13); quesadillas with melted mozzarella (€9.50); delicious tacos – chicken mole, avocado tempura, red cabbage and cilantro; cochinita pibil (shredded pork) slow-cooked and marinated in Mexican spices (from €11.50 to €13.50); not to mention the cheesecake topped with dulce de leche (€6)! To drink, there are Mexican beers (Indop, Dos Equis or Negra Modelo, €7 for 330 ml) and a dozen cocktails, like the famous Mule made with smoky mezcal, ginger ale and lime (€12). Cocktails €9-15, à la carte €23-35. // L.S.

Getting there

Restaurant La Lupita
9, rue de la Préfecture
TEL: +33 4 83 93 96 60