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La Maison

Restaurant La Maison in GaujacLa Maison (Gaujac) - © La Maison

In the middle of nowhere yet somehow everywhere at once (between the Cévennes, Gard and Rhône Valley), the village of Gaujac will reward you for making the trip out with dreamy views of the Rhône and Languedoc vineyards. Some other serious reasons to visit this Roman village include: this winemaker’s house that’s equipped with a patio. Owners Pierre and Christine Teste keep the crème de la crème of wines in their cellar, produced all over: a Lirac blanc from the Domaine Maby (€33 a bottle), a Côtes-Catalanes D18 from Olivier Pithon (€50), a Cévennes Les Canailles from the Domaine Le Breton Vial (€4 a glass), etc. And there’s a set menu concocted by Christine to go with all of these gems. The other day at lunch, in the following order: flash-seared bluefin tuna with a spicy melon jus and green peas; sliced steak from mountain cows with vegetables from the garden and a silky black olive sauce; and for dessert, a praline tart topped with plump raspberries. Cheese €7. // R.deC. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Maison
Rue du Presbytère
TEL: +33 4 66 39 33 08