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La Petite Ménagerie

In the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood, everyone comes to this spirited little restaurant run by the Le Minh sisters! Every day, Uyen and Phuong write out in calligraphy the options of the day inspired by Vietnamese street food (including a vegetarian option) and the two desserts. The day we went, our delicious €12.90 set menu included: a delightful Asian fusion blanquette de veau with shiitakes, a coconut milk sauce, sesame seeds, noodles and salad; then a silky tapioca pearl dessert with tangy bergamot confit and crushed cashews for crunch. To drink, there’s a delicious homemade iced hibiscus infusion (€2), excellent organic cà phê (€1.50) or Vietnamese Saigon beer (€3). Set menus €10.90 to €12.90. Payment by card not accepted. Reservations highly recommended. // M.F. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Petite Ménagerie
1 bis, rue du Pont-Saint-Pierre
TEL: +33 9 73 21 92 33