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La Petite Ménagerie

In their Petite Ménagerie, sisters Uyen and Phuong Le Minh keep a paper mâché tiger, a porcelain elephant and a fabric fish. These harmless domestic animals set the mood at this cute girly spot with very Instagrammable Laotian-Vietnamese-inspired dishes … Forget about the classic lemongrass ground beef or the crispy thadeua spring roll rice salad, and opt instead for the tasty sweet potato tofu flan with kale, ginger, garlic and soy, served with fried and pickled onions, homemade peanut nougatine, mandolined vegetables (beetroot and daikon radishes) and a wonderful salad (lamb’s lettuce, radicchio, carrots, red meat radishes, goji berries). And for dessert, try the delicious black sticky rice cooked in coconut milk with star anise and ginger. To drink, there’s Saigon beer (€3 for 330 ml), an organic white Gaillac from the Domaine du Vieux Saule (€3 a glass), organic teas from Vietnam (€2.50) or an excellent organic ca phê (€1.50). Set menu options €10.90 to €12.90. Cash only. // P.L. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Petite Ménagerie
1 bis, rue du Pont-Saint-Pierre
TEL: +33 9 73 21 92 33