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Restaurant Laïa  in ParisLaïa (Paris) - © Laïa

“Getting out of Paris in Paris”: that’s the motto of Pierre Doublet and Quentin Garreau de Labarre (the former director of Le George in Paris), who cultivate their secret garden at the back of a city courtyard. What is there to know about their little hideaway? It’s a former distillery that was given a Latin makeover as a chic chiringuito with floral light fixtures, tomette tile floors, azulejos on the walls and a landscaped terrace, where you can chill with some trans-Mediterranean plates made by chef Marco Bernardo, who also happens to be a former alum of Le George. Featured on the menu the other day at lunch: a nice bouillabaisse (John Dory, scorpionfish, red mullet and gurnard) in a good red-hued broth covered in lace-like bread crisps; an opulent all-green Shrek-like risotto with lots of bite to it, served with zucchini balls and flash-seared red mullet filets; before a peach-amaretto cheesecake that got the job done. Otherwise, the menu, written out in Sabir, also shows off its raw side (tuna tartare, cucumber-lavender-sesame salad…) and gets the BBQ all fired up: grilled bass, octopus with lemon, lamb chops…. Other bonuses: the duo have a stunning vegetable patch sandwiched in between the surrounding buildings! // Aïtor Alfonso

FEELING THIRSTY? A picture-perfect collection: a Valencian white wine (€4.50 a glass) or a Tuscan red (€39 a bottle), Corsican Pietra beers (€4-5 for a half-pint) and cocktails – including a Pampelle Spritz (€7).

PRICE: Set menus €16-22 (lunch), plates €7-23.

Getting there

Restaurant Laïa
226, bd Voltaire
TEL: +33 9 75 65 27 21
Subway: Rue des Boulets