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Restaurant Lamée in ParisLamée (Paris) - © Lamée

At one o’clock in the afternoon on Rue La Boétie, the waltz of hip salads and other sandwiches sold to go is in full swing. The best option from the quick-lunch set is at number 20 (hanging plants, jars of fermented vegetables, white tiling, a bread oven and dough mixer), where ex-marketing guy Louis Tiry impresses with his sandwiches made on homemade organic bread! All you need to do is choose your bread (country-style sourdough, wholegrain or ciabatta), the type of sandwich (classic or toasted) and the fillings. In the veggie version? Hummus, seven-spice butternut, sprouts and fresh herbs. In the croque monsieur? Ham from Montauzer, Swiss gruyère and pepper. Also included in our lunch set menu: a delicious tomato-watermelon-mint soup and a chocolate lava cake for dessert. // V.Z.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s artisanal Elixia cola, organic lemonade and organic Tensaï iced tea (+€1 in the set menus).

PRICE: Set menus €12.20 and €13.20. 

Getting there

Restaurant Lamée
20 bis, rue La Boétie
TEL: +33 1 84 25 70 90
Subway: Miromesnil