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Le Bel Ordinaire

Restaurant Le Bel Ordinaire in ParisLe Bel Ordinaire (Paris) - © Christine Doublet

The fruit of a financial partnership between Cyrille Rosetto (a former e-businessman) and Sébastien Demorand (a food critic), Le Bel Ordinaire is a wine bar and cave à manger done up with lovely apple green walls and a high ceiling. Plucked from the dizzying heights of the oak and galva steel shelves, beautiful gourmet products are prepared by a young and energetic chef (Nicolas Fabre, ex-Semilla) behind the tiled counter. Only hits on the day we went for lunch, seated around the lone, long oak table: a rich Saint-Germain soup made with split peas from the Ferme de Chassagne and Iberian ham (€8); a fresh salad of octopus and potato cooked in olive oil, with an orange, olive and caper dip, plus a bush of fennel, radicchio, puntarella and Thai cilantro (€9) ; Morteau sausage couscous with hints of butternut squash and daikon radish, seasoned with a spellbinding veal-harissa broth (€11); and a minimalist sheep’s milk lemon cream (€6) that was siphoned onto the plate like a cloud and sprinkled with mint leaves and cranberry granola. And what should you wash it all down with? There’s a fine selection of natural wines to choose from, including Martin Fou, an Alsatian Sylvanner from Christophe Lindenlaud (€6 a glass), or La Souteronne, a Gamay from Hervé Souhaut in the Ardèche (€22.50 a bottle + €9 corkage fee). Tapas €6-12. // M.J.-D.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Bel Ordinaire
54, rue de Paradis
TEL: +33 1 46 27 46 67
Subway: Poissonnière, Gare de l'Est, Bonne Nouvelle