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Le Bel Ordinaire

Restaurant Le Bel Ordinaire in ParisLe Bel Ordinaire (Paris) - © Christine Doublet

Take a digital tycoon and a presenter on MasterChef (Cyrille Rossetto and Sébastien Demorand respectively), arm them with a decent dose of shared optimism and you end up with a cave à manger that’s anything but ordinary. In between the tubular shelves stocked with all kinds of well-chosen canned goods and wines, under some immaculate suspension lights, there’s a long wooden table leading to the tile bar. That’s where the daily inspiration takes root: a lively harciots verts salad with feta and pomegranate (€12); hearty mashed potatoes with herbs (€13); incredibly fresh yellow pollack chirashi in an exotic marinade (€15); rib eye steak tataki with cherries (€14); or even roasted lamb served with a chickpea galette (€16). As for the wines, natural is best: a Pinot noir from Jousset (€7 a glass), a Côtes-Catalanes Blanc Bec des Potes (€16 a bottle) or even a Grain d’Argile Champagne from Barrat-Masson (€40) – paired, for example, with a schizoid apricot (both raw and iced) sprinkled with speculoos crumble (€8). Set menus €18-22 (lunch), tapas €5-16. Corkage €9. // N.K. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Bel Ordinaire
54, rue de Paradis
TEL: +33 1 46 27 46 67
Subway: Poissonnière, Cadet