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Le Café de La Panacée

Restaurant Le Café de La Panacée in MontpellierLe Café de La Panacée (Montpellier) - © Brice Pelleschi

In the depths of the Centre d’Art Contemporain La Panacée, there’s a bubbling café (white walls, a wooden exoskeleton, a tiny tree-lined terrace) where Arnaud and Vlady Mirabel find the remedy for all hungry bellies, from the first morning coffee to the last post-dinner Calvados. So what did we eat for our apéro dînaitoire? Unfussy collectivist tapas: panko-breaded chicken over a pretty kaffir lime aioli; grilled sliced sausage, pan-fried cucumber and silky mustard; vinegary Greek-style vegetables; salacious patatas bravas; and chocolate sorbet for dessert. Or you could come for the nicely stitched together lunch option (goat cheese ravioli in vegetable broth, chuck steak with carrots and new potatoes, etc.). // A.A.

FEELING THIRSTY? Occitan La Gorge Fraîche beer that pays homage to the former mayor (€5 for 330 ml); Va Nu Pieds, a natural Gard red; homemade lemonade (€2)…

PRICE: Set menus €14-16 (lunch), kids’ menu €9, small plates €4-7 (dinner), brunch €18 (€20 with freshly squeezed orange juice).

Getting there

Restaurant Le Café de La Panacée
14, rue de l'École de Pharmacie
TEL: +33 4 99 63 45 68
Website: lapanacee.org
Cherry on the cake: www.destinationsuddefrance.com