Le Chef Thaï

From his childhood in Thailand, Sombat collected his grandmother’s secret recipes. With his Teutonic business partner, Gregor, they launched this vibrant restaurant (an open kitchen, colorful plastic barstools, a botanical wall). On the menu, you’ll find orgiastic coconut milk soups or papaya salads (€6.90 to €9.90) and freshly made dishes spiced according to preference (€10.90 to €13.90): an excellent pad thai, “mama” noodles (chicken, beef or vegetarian), yellow, green and red curries, and outstanding stir-fries – you can have them with shrimp (marinated and sautéed with Thai basil – subtle yet flavorful), or duck pad cha (green beans, fresh Thai basil, miniature eggplant, mushrooms…). And to finish on a sweet note, there’s palm fruit in jelly, or sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and topped with fresh mango (€3.90 to €5.90). And to drink: Laotian and Thai beers (€4 to €4.90 for 33 cl)! Set menu options €10.90 to €13.90 (lunch during the week), à la carte €23-34. // T.M.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Chef Thaï
59, rue des Gravilliers
TEL: +33 1 71 70 29 30
Subway: Arts et Métiers
Website: chef-thai.com