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Le Flacon

Restaurant Le Flacon in BordeauxLe Flacon (Bordeaux) - © Le Flacon

Behind a mysterious façade, this tiny café with vampiric style (blood red benches, mouse grey floors, metal chairs) is full of powerful winey creatures and devilish comestibles! On election night, Valerié threw together a demonic tuna rillettes with a lime and ponzu twist, glistening Bellota ham, explosive pork and kaffir lime dumplings (a specialty from the Île de la Réunion), caillette ardéchoise that would have you licking the plate, and a creamy homemade chocolate pudding. As for the wines, Gilles (formerly of Le Verre Volé) has a few tricks up his sleeve: Coutelou, Puzelat, Ganevat… all natural! Amongst the 18 wines served by the glass (€4 to €7.50), there’s a wonderful Amphibolite, a Muscadet from Landron (€4.50) or Ormiale, a Bordeaux from Fabrice Domercq (€43 a bottle). Plates €5.50 to €19.20. // G.LeP.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Flacon
43, rue de Cheverus
TEL: +33 9 81 86 43 43