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Le Galoubet

Restaurant Le Galoubet in ArlesLe Galoubet (Arles)

While the menu of this pretty industrial-Provencal bistro (atelier suspension lamps, big stone fireplace, zinc bar, golden mirrors) may seem a little dated at first glance (duck breast with cherries, hanger steak in a morel mushroom sauce, chocolate and coffee mousses), the €33 menu will chase away any doubts you may have. Crafted by chef Antoine Soupizet (ex-L’Autruche), the combo of green asparagus, a soft-boiled egg, shaved Parmesan and mayonnaise with cornichons and tarragon was overflowing with love. Much like the clam risotto with grilled wolfish fillet and aioli sauce, or the strawberries from Fourques sprinkled with crumbled cookies and vanilla whipped cream. And to really unite everything, there are some mouthwatering wines selected by La Cave de Trinquetaille: a lively (natural) Mas de Gourgonnier from Baux-de-Provence (€5 a glass), Le Petit Salé, a Rhone white from Raimond de Villeneuve (€29), a Côtes-de-Roussillon red from the Domaine de la Préceptorie (€34 a bottle). Menus €27 (lunch) and €33. // J.G. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Galoubet
18, rue du Docteur-Fanton
TEL: +33 4 90 93 18 11