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Le Galoubet

Restaurant Le Galoubet in ArlesLe Galoubet (Arles)

In the center of Arles, you’ll find Le Galoubet, equipped with a terrace covered in a canopy of ivy, and a pretty dining room with ceiling fans (wooden tables and chairs, golden mirrors, a fireplace…), where you can let yourself be pampered by Céline and her good southern cooking. Included on the €27 menu the day we went for lunch: tuna belly mi-cuit, cut thick and served with thin anchovies moistened by lemon juice, placed atop tomatoes and a Parmesan crisp; grilled bass with piquillo peppers and wild rice (a striking white-red-black combo), plus bell peppers, green peas, broad beans, olives, lemon confit and spring onions; then a brownie paired with a scoop of ice cream and a dark chocolate ganache. To drink, they place their trust in the neighboring wine shop Trinquetaille, which stocks the best local vintages: Papillon Rouge from Milan (€42), Petra rosé from Hauvette (€36), a red from the Domaine de Lansac in the Alpilles or a Baux-de-Provence red from Mas de Gourgonnier (€5). Menus €27-33 (lunch) and €33 (dinner). // A.S.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Galoubet
18, rue du Docteur-Fanton
TEL: +33 4 90 93 18 11