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Le Ruisseau Burger Joint

Restaurant Le Ruisseau Burger Joint in ParisLe Ruisseau Burger Joint (Paris) - © Cent15-David Foessel

Having first opened in the 18th arrondissement, Le Ruisseau’s second wooden and tiled corridor-sized location has taken on the Marais to evangelize the science of melted cheese. Aged cheddar, cow’s milk tomme au cidre, bleu d’Auvergne, Sainte-Nectaire… they’re all there to add a little creamy goodness to the freshly baked brioche buns, served with very crispy fries. If you don’t practice the religion of traditionally farmed beef, there’s breaded chicken or lightly fried yellow pollack, along with some tempting vegetarian options: as a burger (chickpea patty, cumin-spiced carrots, horseradish, cucumber and lemon juice) or as a salad of the day (fennel, broccoli, feta, fresh mint and lemon). And what else? Classic and well made desserts (cheesecake, chocolate lava cake and red berry panna cotta) and good craft beers (Sam Adams lager for €6 and Ernestine, and IPA from La Goutte d’Or for €7). Burgers €9-11, menus €13-14, desserts €4-6. // T.B. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Ruisseau Burger Joint
22, rue Rambuteau
TEL: +33 1 43 70 02 21
Subway: Rambuteau