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Le Souk de Nour d’Egypte

Restaurant Le Souk de Nour d’Egypte  in MarseilleLe Souk de Nour d’Egypte (Marseille) - © Goulven Le Pollès

And they’ve struck a third time! After La Cantine de Nour and the bakery/take-away spot Balady, Agnès and Tamer Shabana are rocking the Kasbah with this Levantine souk in what used to be a Tati store. Now it’s a 1,000 m² space with two distinct options: a ground-floor tearoom with a giant bazaar (jewelry, books, rugs, spices…) and an Egyptian restaurant with 120 covers upstairs (camphor wood chairs, copper platters, oriental light fixtures). The other day, we lunched at the latter, devouring on marvelous mezze (baba ganoush, hummus, feetir, falafel), a warming ragù made with okra, beef and tomato sauce, rabbit thigh in a jute mallow leaf broth, before a hearty portion of knafeh – a pastry made with kadaif and cheese. Other options for hurried bellies: nibble on a salad in the tearoom (cauliflower, carrots and haricots verts the day we went) or grab one of the falafel / broad bean / hummus sandwich near the entrance! And don’t forget about the weekend brunch with broad beans in sauce, feetir, baklawa, Egyptian flan, etc. // G.Le.P.

FEELING THIRSTY? Refreshing hibiscus juice (€3.50), authentic sugar cane juice (€5.50) or smoking hot mint tea (€2.50).

PRICE: Lunch menu €18 (main + pastry + tea). Appetizer €7, mains €14-18, pastries €3 each. Brunch €25 (Saturday and Sunday).

Getting there

Restaurant Le Souk de Nour d’Egypte
2A, rue de Rome
TEL: +33 7 61 70 12 54