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Le Vin des Vivants

Don’t pay much mind to the rather uninviting appearance, because behind this somber façade there’s an arsenal of vivacious natural wines. The shelves of this blood bank are filled with only good, unfussy options that are free of nasties: a rosé from Le Clos des Grillons (€21.50), Aragonite from Julien Guillot (€40), Racines from Courtois (€38), etc. Not only that, it gets even more delicious come spring, when owner Mathieu Perrin gets out the patio furniture, bottles of wine and fresh tapas: shrimp with lime and chive blossoms, a really delicious ratatouille, platters of cheese from B.O.F. de la Martinière, eggplant caviar… Which go perfectly with an Alsace from Binner (€5.50 a glass), a Vacqueyras from Ouréa (€6) or a Bugey from Pellerin (€4.80). Platters and tapas €6-15. // A.S. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Vin des Vivants
6, pl. Fernand-Rey
MOBILE: +33 6 58 65 21 19
Subway: Croix Paquet