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Les Becs à Vin

Restaurant Les Becs à Vin in OrléansLes Becs à Vin (Orléans) - © Maryam Lévy

Inside this nice little wine nest (walls lined with bottles of natural wines, bistro furniture, menus scribbled out onto blackboards), and in addition to the well sourced platters and plates (cheeses from Desserre or saucisson from Chavassieux for €7.50), Elsa Bouviolle plumps up her flock with good little dishes. The other night, we had: a big ball of mozzarella with plenty of fresh herbs (€17.50); a serious hachis parmentier with a baked egg and spinach (€10.50); rib eye steak with puréed carrots and roasted potatoes (€18.50); then fried acacia flowers – which unfortunately were a little over fried – for dessert (€6.50). To drink, it’s raining natural wines, carefully chosen by the two owners, Romain and Guillaume: a Melon from Marc Pesnot in Burgundy (€5 a glass), a festive Gard wine from Sébastien Chatillon (€4.50), a charming Gamay from Julien Courtois (€33 a bottle) and a Syrah from Hervé Souhaut (€44), etc. Platters €9.50 to €18, set menu €14.50 (lunch). // A.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Les Becs à Vin
8, place du Châtelet
TEL: +33 9 65 16 64 09
Website: becsavin.com