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Les Cabanettes

Restaurant Les Cabanettes in ArlesLes Cabanettes (Arles) - © Gaëlle Redlin-Bihr

Craving tapas on your summer road trip? Come get your fill at the Les Cabanettes motel, a sixties-era UFO that landed in the middle of the Camargue region, where chef Lina Caschetto (ex-Chardon) is serving flavor-packed plates until August 30th! The other day at lunch, seated on the terrace with views of the pool: some incredible panisse seasoned with black pepper; a cheeky “pitaladière,” with pita bread and Collioure anchovies; tacos combining crispy pork belly with a muy caliente chipotle sauce, served with mustardy lettuce; before some delicious raw and roasted apricots, dill-infused crème anglaise and a hazelnut crumble. At night, the top-notch snacks give way to some mouthwatering menus (ex: sea bream, shiso and cherries; cold noodles, tomatoes, shellfish and cilantro; melon-basil panna cotta), and Sundays are for brunching – French toast, scrambled eggs, hash brows… // Marc Fournié

FEELING THIRSTY? Regional wines that tend to be natural: a red from the Château Saint Cyrgues (€3 a glass) or a white from the Mas du Chêne (€22 a bottle) in Saint-Gilles, a Périgord pet’ nat’ from the Château Barouillet (€34 a bottle)… Otherwise, there’s BAA beer on tap (€4 for a half-pint).

PRICE: Small plates €6-17 (lunch), menu €32 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant Les Cabanettes
D 572N
MOBILE: +33 6 11 77 15 32