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Restaurant Looping in PerpignanLooping (Perpignan)

The Sagí team is back at it! On a small sunny street right near the motherhouse, Looping catapults some stunning eats out of its kitchen, which you can nibble on while seated on one of the benches or around a small, shady table. The day we went for lunch, there were sandwiches aplenty: delicious homemade pollack rillettes with pickled red onion, tomato jelly and crisp lettuce, on bread that was a cross between a baguette and brioche; a greasy toasted Cubano made with ham that’s smoked in-house, melted cheese and jalapeños, served with beautifully golden homemade chips, etc. Playing second fiddle to the main event, but still well made, there was a salad with pumpkin and flax seeds and marinated vegetables (zucchini, carrot…), the main of the day (eg: black squid ink pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini, red onion and bright green basil) and desserts – caramel cookies, pecan-almond-hazelnut tart… // G.V.

FEELING THIRSTY? The famous Boc de Perpignan lager or amber ale (€6 for 500 ml), and a few natural wines: Ca N’Estruc, a Catalan red (€5.50 a glass) or Queue de Pie, a Gard red from Valentin Valles (€4), a Roussillon white from the Domaine Lampyres (€3.50).

PRICE: Sandwiches + sides €5-7, salads €7.

Getting there

Restaurant Looping
3, rue des Fabriqués Couvertes
TEL: +33 4 68 09 65 82