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Restaurant Louvine in SeignosseLouvine (Seignosse) - Christine Doublet

Australian by birth and Landais at heart, Phil Richardson settled down in the village of Seignosse to open up this cool surfer/fisherman café, where he serves an exciting melting pot of flavors. Savored around wooden tables in the boutique or on the terrace of his neo-guinguette (a camouflage net in the guise of an arbor, multicolored string lights), there’s a selection of seasonal bowls and burritos made with good, fresh and local ingredients. The day we went at lunch, served with marinated ginger, wakame seaweed, cucumber, pickled red onions, balsamic vinaigrette and sesame seeds, there was either a salmon poke bowl with vinegary sushi rice, or a katsu fish bowl with Panko-breaded black pollack, a mix of quinoa and lentils, plus bulldog sauce. For dessert: good berry cheesecake, or homemade strawberry sorbet. And to drink? There’s lemonade or orangeade at lunch, very good cocktails at night, including the Mai Taï made with rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup and lime juice (drinks €1.50 to €5, cocktails €5-9). Bowls €13-14, burritos €9.50 to €13, desserts €3.50 to €5. // C.D.

Getting there

Restaurant Louvine
45, avenue du Penon
TEL: +33 9 71 57 16 10
Website: louvine.com