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Maisie Café

Restaurant Maisie Café in ParisMaisie Café (Paris) - © Maisie Café

Maisie Café is the new HQ for vegans, where owners Isabella Capecce and her husband Xavier Barroux put a sexy spin on healthy food. The décor is a cross between sleek minimalism and a green jungle, and was put together by the Angelino designer, Mallery Roberts Morgan, who successfully transplanted La La land’s good vibes to Paris. You’ll find the same vibrant spirit in the soups, tarts and other rich dishes on the menu: a creamy leek, carrot and sweet potato soup in homemade vegetable broth; soba, lentil, quinoa or wholegrain rice salads; gluten-free focaccia sandwiches with zucchini, eggplant caviar, red pepper, spinach and a basil-cashew cream made on bread from the Chambelland bakery; and really yummy desserts like banana bread or raw chocolate mousse made with silky tofu (€4 to €5.50). The drinks are homemade too: 100% organic cold pressed beet-green apple-ginger-lemon-coconut juice, or banana, rice milk, date, vanilla and maca smoothies (€6-6.90 for 250 ml). Sandwiches, salads and soups: €7-10. FYI: Maisie Café delivers in Paris, from Monday to Saturday. // C.C.

Getting there

Restaurant Maisie Café
32, rue du Mont-Thabor
TEL: +33 1 40 39 99 16
Subway: Tuileries, Concorde