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Maison David

Restaurant Maison David in ParisMaison David (Paris)

Written out in golden lettering on the façade of this Yiddish butcher’s shop you’ll find “Delikatessen”– with a K for Kalifa, the last name of the Casablanca-born owner Michel who sports a joyful mustache, and his wife Françoise, a Polish Ashkenazi Jew with stunning blue eyes. We head to their tiny, chaotic shop for the golden prices and Eastern European culinary treasures. Dig into, for example, thin slices of wagyu beef pastrami (€68 a kilo), veal and pistachio roulade that’ll have you weak in the knees (€48 a kilo), smoked and dried beef caviar (€98 a kilo), or even salmon gravlax with poppy seeds and lime, plus Nordic taramasalata (€98 a kilo) on a soft homemade bagel, the perfect snack (€1.90). On Sundays, you’ll need a reservation for the pricey brunch (€55). And to drink, there’s Cabernet Sauvignon from the Domaine Gamla (€24.90 a bottle). // M.P. 

Getting there

Restaurant Maison David
6, rue des Ecouffes
TEL: +33 1 77 18 23 62
Subway: Saint-Paul, Saint-Paul