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Maison Joumana

Restaurant Maison Joumana  in BordeauxMaison Joumana (Bordeaux) - © Sarah Arnould

After careers in finance and as a teacher in a “No Child Left Behind” school, Joumana Jacob is changing things up again, using one of her nine lives! In her private mansion in the Nansouty neighborhood of Bordeaux (interconnecting lounges, moldings adorning the walls, a Rousseau-style hidden garden), the Lebanese talent serves a feast three nights a week composed of high-flying Levantine cuisine, prepared using carefully sourced ingredients from Tista fine food’s shop (Bordeaux) and Souk el Tayeb (Beirut), amongst others. The night we went, seated between verdant ferns and the kitchen, all of the following paraded out across the big marble table: comforting chicken soup with ginger and lemongrass; creamy labneh that caressed the tongue, with rounds of leeks, grated bottarga, garlic blossoms and walnut oil; then more labneh – this time sprinkled with za’atar, plus a soft, warm, homemade loaf ; a striking tabbouleh just like they make it in her homeland (!), with chopped parsley, bulgur wheat with some bite and pomegranate seeds; divine oven-roasted eggplant draped in tahini sauce; a delicious squash and quinoa kibbeh served in a ramequin; before a juicy poached pear with spices and orange blossom, served with whipped mascarpone and toasted buckwheat, followed by muhallebi with hibiscus syrup that was as light as a feather. // A.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? Natural wines at reasonable prices: a Rhone white from the Vignerons d’Estézargues (€6 a glass), a Savoie Jacquère from Giachino (€25 a bottle), a red from Les Chais du Port de la Lune vinified in the center of Bordeaux (€29)…

PRICE: Set menu €45.

Getting there

Restaurant Maison Joumana
246, cours de l'Yser
MOBILE: +33 6 80 63 92 55​