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Maison Nosh

Restaurant Maison Nosh in Aix-en-ProvenceMaison Nosh (Aix-en-Provence) - © Studio A+Q

Tucked away behind the plane trees on Cours Mirabeau, the lovely Maison Nosh (school chairs, table d’hôte, J&J shelves, terrazzo) still impresses with its emblematic hot dogs made with pork or beef sausage – or even a vegetarian version – topped with cheddar, ketchup, mustard, fried onions and cornichons (€6.10). Other options? Copious muffins topped with bacon, scrambled eggs with melted cheese, clean raw veggie bowls with plenty of quinoa, cucumber and beets, etc. (€5.90), not to mention the fluffy homemade pancakes covered in fresh fruit, maple syrup and homemade granola (from €4.60 to €5.60). Everything you could want for brunch basically, any day of the week (€16). To drink, there’s ginger lemonade (€2.90), strawberry milkshakes (€3.80) and Deep or Belleville Brûlerie coffee (€1.80 for an espresso) and fresh juice of the day (from €3.50 to €4.10). Savory hot dogs and muffins from €5.90 to €6.20, salads from €5.90 to €7.90, juice of the day €3.50, pastries €3. Brunch €16-19, set menus €10-12 (lunch). // A.S. 

Getting there

Restaurant Maison Nosh
32, cours Mirabeau
MOBILE: +33 6 52 86 22 39