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Mambo Delizie Italiane

Turin-natives Debora and Paolo keep hunger pangs at bay with hearty antipasti and exquisite ravioli at their outstanding restaurant located by the Le Santocha. The backdrop? Vintage West Coast Vibes, a cubed wooden ceiling, sixties-style couches and a window display filled with salami. The night we went, after a giant apéro platter (roasted eggplant with ricotta and mint, 125-gram burrata, sweet pepperoncini, taralli biscuits, plenty of charcuterie…), it was a “dance with pasta!” In other words, some divine agnolotti with shredded roasted beef in a red wine sauce, Piedmont plin (agnolotti) with sage and melted fontina from Val d’Aoste… For dessert, there was some excellent homemade tiramisu. And it’s also worth noting that there’s a selection of well-topped crostini (tirolesi with grilled speck, tomino, honey and dried figs..). // D.N.

FEELING THIRSTY? Spritz (€7), local beer (€4.50), a Piedmont white from Gavi (€4 a glass) and Ulisse, a Montepulciano-d’Abruzzo (€32 a bottle).

PRICE: Menus €10-18 (lunch), kids’ menu €8-10, à la carte €27-43, crostini €12-15.

Getting there

Restaurant Mambo Delizie Italiane
81, avenue Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny
TEL: +33 9 73 23 34 13