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Mi Kwabo

Restaurant Mi Kwabo  in ParisMi Kwabo (Paris) - © Mi Kwabo

Where can you enjoy some original African cuisine in Paris? Head over to Mi Kwabo (which means “welcome” in the Beninese dialect), a tiny restaurant with ten seats and laterite-toned walls, with none of the traditional décor or yassa for toubabs! Formerly of Moulin des Ruats (in Avallon), chef Elis Bond shows off his personal creations. The other night, on the €40 menu: a punchy dried shrimp butter and freshly fried samosa filled with sweet potato and duck confit, to kick things off; an incredible cylinder of plakali (a gelatinous cassava paste) surrounded by okra and topped with smoked fish; really good dja (a reduction of spiced and fried tomatoes) served with mussels deglazed in white wine, chips of phyllo dough and fried yams; a lemony half-cod cooked slowly in butter, then smoked on the BBQ, served with rice, red beans and a ginger-garlic broth; before the drinkable pre-dessert, a cacao and star anise infused milk with baobab seeds, then a hibiscus ice cream paired with rose syrup! // G.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? Wines that know no borders, selected by the chef’s partner Vanessa: an organic Hérault red from the Domaine de la Dourbie (€7 a glass), a New Zealand white from Marlborough (€27), a South African red from Hartenberg (€32 a bottle), etc.

PRICE: Menus €30 (lunch), €40 (four courses) and €50 (five courses).

Getting there

Restaurant Mi Kwabo
42, rue Rodier
MOBILE: +33 7 64 05 69 32
Subway: Poissonnière, Anvers, Cadet