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Mia Cha

Former business executive Jing Liang – alias Mia – definitely made a successful career switch. Her new workplace? A tearoom for 15 guests, many of whom are regulars thrilled to dig into well-made Chinese treats for a mere 15 bucks. Come lunchtime, dine on copious gua bao made with homemade wheat bread, sprouts, fried and pickled onions, filled with your choice of stewed pork belly, spicy beef or tender tofu; impressive free-range steamed yellow chicken over a bed of sticky rice, tucked into a lotus leaf; or some delicious noodles with beef cheeks in a broth with onions and marinated turnips. Not to mention the desserts, like the graceful sticky rice caramel balls or the fruity mango and pomelo velouté, served all afternoon long amongst other sweets: matcha or azuki bean sponge cake; shiso pudding; butternut tartlets with yuzu cream; tofu and beery cheesecake; crepe and passion fruit millefeuilles… which you can also take to go. // P.L.

FEELING THIRSTY? There are around 15 Chinese teas to choose from: a Pai Mu Tai white, a Puits du Dragon green, a Huo Shan Huang Ya yellow, homemade iced tea (€4-7) or mango and green tea smoothies (€5).

PRICE: Dishes €5-15, pastries €4-6.

Getting there

Restaurant Mia Cha
39, rue Peyrolières
MOBILE: +33 6 59 30 41 15