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Restaurant Miles in BordeauxMiles (Bordeaux) - © Miles

Le Fooding’s best restaurant of 2015

Thanks to its waitlist and an Anglo-Saxon following in ecstasy over the plates, Miles has definitely earned its stripes. The reason why? The thrilling crossover creations from Arnaud Lahaut, Gil Elad and Ayako Ota, who have turned their walnut wood bar into a launch point for globetrotting eats, assembled within view of the dining room and presented on their carte blanche menus. The other day at lunch, for €33: a bundle of crisp beans, an exquisite Ossay-Iraty mousse and a cherry reduction; delightful duck breast from the Périgord region marinated in soy sauce, with a coconut-peanut jam and a zucchini and green curry purée; subtle pollack, black sesame and toasted green wheat; before a pea ice cream over a green tea granita and a wasabi emulsion. At night, the trio raises the bar a little higher: asparagus in a coconut breading, beef bourguignon revisited with seaweed and salted plums, etc. // R.deC.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s a well-travelled menu: a German Pinot noir from Geil (€7 a glass), a Sardinian white from Giba (€6), a Portuguese rosé from Palhete (€42), a Pic-Saint-Loup red from Christophe Peyrus (€45).

PRICE: Menus €29-34 (lunch) and €55 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant Miles
33, rue du Cancera
TEL: +33 5 56 81 18 24