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Minh Chau

Restaurant Minh Chau in ParisMinh Chau (Paris)

Warning: this establishment was tested before the reign of Covid 19… Certain information may no longer be up to date in regards to the current situation: hours, menu, prices…

Tucked away behind the BHV department store, we could have easily missed this tiny café or thought it was just another Asian take-away shop, dishing things out in plastic containers. But nope! Behind the very cheesy façade, things get almost cool, and there’s authentic Vietnamese home cooking! For a half-century, four generations of Duongs have run this elbow-to-elbow restaurant (10 tables, 20 chairs), where they serve their unchanging recipes at prices that are as tiny as the dining room. Tested and approved the day we went: an eggroll that deserves a regional award for its sublime golden crispiness; carrot salad spiced with chilies, served with nuoc-mâm sauce, peanuts and cilantro; fried rice with omelet and crispy pork belly, served with an incredible soy sauce; before an unstoppable banana-coconut tapioca dessert. But FYI, the house doesn’t accept payment by card! // F.P.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s Tsingtao beer (€4 for 330 ml), along with bottles of Côtes-du-Rhône (€13) and Côtes-de-Provence (€14.50), which are pretty unremarkable.

PRICE: À la carte €8-15.

Getting there

Restaurant Minh Chau
10, rue de la Verrerie
TEL: +33 1 42 71 13 30
Subway: Hôtel de Ville