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Ramen Ya

How should you proceed at Anthony Nguyen’s café, the little brother to his very chic restaurant Izakaya Joyi? Get in line, choose one of the set menus displayed out front, memorize it, recite it to the cashier at the entrance – who will get annoyed if you can’t make up your mind (!) – and then find a free barstool at the counter. After all that, dig into a bowl of iekei ramen, with noodles made from organic rice flour from the region and served with chashu (slices of roasted pork) in a broth made from Breton pork raised on flaxseed (tonkotsu), nori leaves, spinach and shoyu sauce; unless you’d prefer the free-range chicken from Ancenis, with black garlic oil and scallions, or the vegetarian version with vegetables and kombu, tofu, spinach, nori, scallions and black garlic oil. Not to mention the plump chicken gyoza! // D.C.

FEELING THIRSTY? Kirin on tap (€3.50 to €6.50), fresh green tea (€3) and sake (€6-8).

PRICE: Ramen €9.50 to €11.50, gyoza €3.50 to €8.50.

Getting there

Restaurant Ramen Ya
26, rue de la Fosse
TEL: Pas de téléphone.