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Ravioli Nord-Est

There’s no doubt about it, the best dumplings in Paris can be found inside this tiny eatery tucked away on a Belleville backstreet. The pitch? A sign subtitled in Mandarin, neon lights, steamy windows, and tons of jiaozi (a dumpling specialty from northeastern China) served either steamed or pan-fried and at sweet prices – €5 for 10; €25 for 100. They come with a dozen types of fillings: a classic “pork/chives/shrimp,” a stunning “dried tofu/black mushrooms/white cabbage” or even a gentle “lamb/onion” version. And to go with them, there are small appetizers for two bucks a piece (egg soup with cilantro or seaweed) and salads for four: sesame cucumbers with peanuts and carrot; spiced beef; spicy octopus; liangpi rice noodles; kelp, etc. To drink, there’s Tsingtao beer (€3 for 330 ml), hot roselle blossom tea (€5 for a teapot) or iced lemon-honey tea (€3). // C.LeH.

Getting there

Restaurant Ravioli Nord-Est
11, rue Civiale
TEL: +33 1 75 50 88 03
Subway: Belleville