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Restaurant Rozo in LilleRozo (Lille) - © Marco Strullu

The culinary event of the year in Lille! This chic and trendy rhomboid-shaped building is dressed in discreet neon lights, whitewashed brick walls, big round mirrors and golden tables. Inside, chef Diego Delbecq (Plaza Athénée, Meurice and Papillon in Paris) and pastry chef/sommelier Camille Pailleau (ex-Meurice and Plaza) send out energetic plates from their showroom kitchen at the back of the space. On their (very short) menu: joyful warm calamari in a leek, charred onion and green Sichuan peppercorn broth (€18); powerful “lamb of the sea” served with razor clams, sea beans and smoked potatoes (€30); and tasty a Noisette for dessert, with creamy salted caramel and streusel (€11)… Yum! It’s all served with a glass of Ondenc, a dry white wine from the legendary Plageoles (€10 a glass) and La Réserve, a Gigondas from the Domaine du Pourra (€64 a bottle). Set menu €25-29 (lunch except Saturday), €62, à la carte €53-63. // P.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Rozo
79, rue de La Monnaie
TEL: +33 9 83 46 55 00