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Restaurant Sagí in PerpignanSagí (Perpignan) - © Sagí

The tiny Rue des Fabriques-Nadal is filled with culinary gems (Looping, Kimchi Kimchi)… And this one is solid gold! Running this tasty tavern with arched ceilings (stone walls, butcher hooks), Yannick Ferez (ex-Pecherons in Céret) will have your heart dancing with his outstanding small plates. The other night on the terrace, we went for: an excellent croque-monsieur filled with slow-roasted pork loin, melted manchego and mayonnaise with fresh herbs; indecent veal sweetbreads and a bouillabaisse jus; muscular flash-seared octopus and a powerful calamari ragù; irresistible patatas bravas with a smoked cocktail sauce for dipping; before a yogurt mousse with slow-roasted figs, or local purple sweet potato falafel tucked into a lightly sweetened cream and a sprinkling of fennel, for the insane desserts. // G.V.

FEELING THIRSTY? A natural regional selection: Chair à Canon, a Languedoc red from Poivre d’Âne (€4.50 a glass), Mataburro, a Roussillon rosé from Laurent Roger (€27 a bottle) or La Fleuve, a Roussillon white from La Bancale (€26).

PRICE: Set menu €12-18 (lunch), plates €10-20, desserts €5-9.

Getting there

Restaurant Sagí
3, rue des Fabriques-d’en-Nabot
TEL: +33 4 68 09 65 82