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Samos Greek Food

The days when Margot and Tristan were driving around their food truck overflowing with golden English muffins and flashy salads are over. Since the summer of 2019, you’ll now find them at this former bakery that’s been converted into a dreamy Aegean inn, with a big bar, stone walls, black marble tables, green plants… and a line outside that says a lot about the gustatory pleasures within! For us, the day we went for lunch, seated on the terrace: baker’s pita bread stuffed with marinated Bazas chicken, Kalios feta, raw and roasted vegetables, pickled red onions, sweet chilies, homemade fries and an incredible Greek yogurt sauce. Or, if you’re in the mood for mezze: smoked eggplant cream with pomegranate molasses; spinach and feta flaky pastry; marinated Halkidiki olives with spices and citrus fruit… Before a chocolate mousse with orange blossom and granola to conclude this wild Odyssey. // A.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? A local selection combining Hellenic and/or naturalist influences: The Bubbles, a pet’ nat’ Merlot from the Château Frédignac (€26 a bottle), an Assyrtiko white from Minimus (€42), Ça Mitraille Sec, a Pyrenees Syrah from Le Clos Massotte (€29), plus a few wines served by the glass at €4.50, beer from the Débauche brewery in Angoulème (€6 for 440 ml) or even a Mauresque cocktail made with ouzo (€3).

PRICE: Set menus €9.50 and €12.50, plates €8-12, mezze €4.50 to €7.50, desserts €2.50 to €5.50.

Getting there

Restaurant Samos Greek Food
2, pl. du Séminaire
TEL: Pas de téléphone.