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A white tiled bar, big windows that open out onto the terrace, marble tables… The owners of Bel Ami have doubled down on Place Sathonay with this small, shiny brasserie that shakes up tradition just a smidge. What should you expect? Caesar salads; an inverted herring and oiled potato salad where the potatoes are stuffed with a fish mousseline; deviled eggs; tender, plump yellow chicken supreme with French peas and bok choy instead of lettuce; before a tantalizing Paris-Brest with a praline cream center. // A.S.

FEELING THIRSTY? A local selection: a Mâcon-Villages white from Bret Brother (€6 a glass), or a Morgon from Thevenet (€5), a Saint-Véran from the Domaine La Soufrandière (€50 a bottle) or a Coteaux-du-Lyonnais from Nayrand (€28).

PRICE: Set menu €21-23 (weekday lunch), à la carte €27-39. 

Getting there

Restaurant Sathonay
5, place Sathonay
TEL: +33 9 86 42 86 97