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Restaurant Shouk in ParisShouk (Paris)

After jumping ship from Mulko, Pierre Boulko-Lévy (ex-Miznon) is going full steam ahead on Instagram by joining the rue de Lancry crew at Shouk (which means “market” in Hebrew), a spiffy new eatery (lots of open space, waxed concrete floors, atmospheric light fixtures) that’ll have Levantophiles purring with delight. As for the food, the beanpole of a chef still has a knack for sending out incredible pita sandwiches along with other flavorful Middle Eastern treats. The day we went for lunch, washed down with a half-pint of Pelforth (€3.50) and taking its sweet time to arrive, there was: a quartet of miniature mazets – eggs, spiced tomatoes, sesame tahini, pickles (€8); a divine Mangal kebab (beef + lamb) wrapped up in soft pita bread (€12 for €15 for the plated version); and a perfect cheesy kanafeh with a kadaif pastry base and a refreshing scoop of cherry ice cream (€7). To help it all slide down, choose between everyday wines in red, white and rosé, or good cocktails like the Uzo Sour with Israeli arak, orgeat, lime and egg white. The €15 set menu includes an appetizer + a pita sandwich + a drink (lunch). À la carte €24-32. // V.V.

Getting there

Restaurant Shouk
59, rue de Lancry
TEL: +33 9 87 57 87 68
Subway: Jacques Bonsergent