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Simone et Paulette

Bordering the old part of town, this spot owned by Caroline Pons (ex-Chez Caro) and Numa Muller (who also runs the restaurant Arles in Amsterdam) checks off all the boxes for a cool café: it’s named after their grandmas, the products are carefully sourced and mostly local, there’s a tiled kitchen-counter, bright yellow school chairs, natural wines, and jazz playing in the background…. And even if the duo apparently had a lot of trouble finding a permanent chef this year, their locavore tapas get the job done right at lunch: plump ricotta-oyster mushroom gyoza; thyme-roasted tomatoes embraced by a lemony raw cream; good pea/feta falafel on a bed of fresh herbs – chives, parsley, mint…; a big bun stuffed with pulled pork and preserved peppers; before some cute candied cherries swirled up in a crumble and paired with a cheesecake cream. // G.LeP.

FEELING THIRSTY? Half a dozen clean wines: a Provencal red from Henri Milan (€5 a glass), a Roussillon white from Vinocéros (€22.50 a bottle).

PRICE: Tapas €4-15.

Getting there

Restaurant Simone et Paulette
21, rue du Pont
TEL: +33 9 83 36 15 14