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Supu Ramen

Restaurant Supu Ramen in ParisSupu Ramen (Paris)

Finally, Guy Savoy has made a fresh start on the Quais des Grands-Augustins: say goodbye to Les Bouquinistes and hello to Supu Ramen noodle house! In this highly colorful striking spot (apple-green floors, walls covered in graffiti by the artist Fabrice Hyber, a big shelving unit filled with mugs and maneki-neko), we slurp up ultra-Frenchified ramen, prepared by chef Stéphane Perraud who was snatched up from the previous restaurant. The night we went, we had a delicate bowl of sushi rice topped with grilled-marinated mackerel; generous ramen with pork broth, homemade noodles made with organic flour from the Moulins de Brasseuil, thin slices of French pork belly, a piece of sabodet (a big Lyonnais sausage) and an incredible miso-mustard condiment. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a vegan option made with a miso broth, eggplant, tomato, edamame and fried onions. And for something sweet afterwards? Rice pudding with yuzu and candied ginger, or an inimitable Earl Grey and sansho pepper sorbet. // F.P.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s genmaicha green tea (hot or cold) from Jugetsudo (€4.50 a mug), Kirin beer (€6 a pint), and a few wines: a Loire Chardonnay from Francis Jourdain (€4.50 a glass) or a Beaujolais from Lucien Lardy (€25 a bottle).

PRICE: Appetizers from €5.80 to €10.80, ramen from €13.80 to €15.80, “half-desserts” for €4.80. 

Getting there

Restaurant Supu Ramen
53, quai des Grands Augustins
TEL: +33 1 43 25 45 94
Subway: Odéon, Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame