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The Cod House

Restaurant The Cod House in ParisThe Cod House (Paris) - © Claire Israel

The Black Code restaurant group, who won us over with their Nipporno-chic enclaves (Kinugawa, Orient Extrême), surprised fans by opening this fresh and luminous izakaya, which gives out onto the crossroads at Odéon. And what do we do in this Cod House with Instagrammable décor by Roxanne Boccard? Drink some delicious sake at the bar (Yamato Shizuku Yamahai,Gassan No Yuki…. €13 and €14 for 150 ml), or some very good cocktails by master mixologist Charles, like the Sakuri with tequila and wasabi syrup (€14). As for the restaurant side, we don’t eat so badly either… The day we went, the proof could be found via a few cute dishes from chef Sato: addictive baked eggplant in a miso glaze called nasu dengaku (€8); light vegetable tempura (€9); classic California salmon-avocado maki (€11); beef hamachi tataki and yuzu that had loads of flavor (€15); fried vegetarian dumplings (€6). It’s all wrapped up with a honey waffle for dessert that’ll have you licking your fingers, and a coffee provided free of charge, because of the charming but slow service (the only recurring problem here). À la carte €35-51. // P.-H.B.

Getting there

Restaurant The Cod House
1, rue de Condé
TEL: +33 1 42 49 35 59
Subway: Mabillon, Odéon