Restaurant Tunisien Chez Yassine

The French poet Jean-Claude Izzo, who lived in the Noailles neighborhood for twenty years, used to say that “walking down rue d’Aubagne is a journey.” The proof is right here at this brand new Tunisian restaurant (across from the L’idéal épicerie and next to the Chez Saveur pizzeria) where we rush over on Saturdays for the golla (€8.50, raw vegetable plate included), a spicy lamb slow-roasted for a long time in a clay pot. Otherwise, on all the other days of the week, there are more traditional briks with eggs or tuna; unmissable lablabi (a spicy chickpea soup); tasty and smoking hot chickpea soup with flat-leaf parsley, fresh onions, secret spices, and an added poached egg (for 50 cents more); authentic keftaji (ratatouille with veal liver and homemade fries); and rotating dishes of the day (traditional couscous on Fridays, golla on Saturdays, m’loukhia ragout on Thursdays and Sundays, from €5 to €11). To drink: homemade lemonade (€2). But FYI! Despite being open nonstop, it’s always full at mealtime, Sundays included. // M.F.

Getting there

Restaurant Tunisien Chez Yassine
8, rue d'Aubagne
TEL: +33 4 91 54 72 85
Subway: Noailles
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