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Vincent, Cuisinier de Campagne

Restaurant Vincent, Cuisinier de Campagne in Ingrandes-de-TouraineVincent, Cuisinier de Campagne (Ingrandes-de-Touraine)

At this former Richelieu vineyard, whose manor was the set for a remake of “Loft Story” (a French reality TV show), Vincent Simon has created a peaceful haven for his family and some 2,000 Galliformes! The Belgian chef raises, plucks, cooks and serves these birds to his clients, either in the dining room with white tablecloths or on the bucolic terrace. Served à la carte, there’s steamed quail with foie gras, classic roosters crest or, for €26, like we had: an incredibly delicious guinea fowl pâté en croûte, then poached chicken that was intoxicatingly rustic and served with chard from the garden, followed by a very simple floating island. There are also a few local, featherless specialties available: vineyard escargots cooked in broth, pan-fried eels, etc. And to drink, place your trust in the troglodyte wine selection that brings together around 40 Bourgueil wines (Domaine Duval Voisin at €22 a bottle, Les Maisons Rouges de Borel for €28), or order a glass of the house wine, L’Enclos des Poules (€5). It’s also worth noting that there are some excellent prepared goods that you can take to go as well. Menu €18 (weekday lunch), menu-carte €26-40, kids €15. // R.deC.  

Getting there

Restaurant Vincent, Cuisinier de Campagne
19, rue de la Gallotière
TEL: +33 2 47 96 17 21
Cherry on the cake: www.touraineloirevalley.com