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After casting anchor with Les Passionnées along the Canal de Brienne, Florent Linard and David Torelli are now taking on the Canal du Midi! Their new hangout? An old pizzeria with original hardwood floors, dove blue walls and a visible kitchen, where the young Thomas Riquier (ex-Bistrot des Sales Gosses) unveils his cuisine with plenty of arguments in its favor. The day we went for lunch the short menu featured: a lovely organic trout gravlax from the Pyrenees, with a fresh herbed goat cheese cream and a few beetroot preparations (strips, pickles and purée); pollack dressed in a nori leaf and tucked into a fregola sarda risotto with preserved lemon, nasturtium shoots and arugula; before a exo-chic finish via a kalamansi (a small citrus fruit) cream, cilantro shortbread and crispy meringue combo. // P.L.

FEELING THIRSTY? Living wines, of course! A striking Bouzeron Massale from Julien Cruchandeau (€5 a glass); Les Sens de la Vie, a fruity Madiran from Le Clos Les Mets d’Ames (€32 a bottle); Prunelart, a round Côtes-du-Tarn from Plageoles (€30)…

PRICE: Menus €19-30 (lunch), €29-49 (dinner), food and wine pairings +€11-22.

Getting there

Restaurant Vivants
40, rue Gabriel Péri
TEL: +33 5 67 33 11 02
Subway: Jaurès