Waxed (Soorts-Hossegor)

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It’s pretty crowded around Will and Ca’s bar, two Welsh surfer friends who became serial coffee shoppers. Since 2016, all the hipsters in French California have been meeting up at this ultimate bobo cabana (white paneling, old hardwood floors, couches made of paddles, string light bulbs) to photograph their plates. And in addition to being beautiful, it’s also tasty, and takes us out to sea! For us, late one morning: a generous, perfectly roasted Allpress black coffee made using a Marzocco (€2 to €4.50); gorgeous avocado toast with a poached egg, goat cheese, arugula and sunflower seeds (€9); really good homemade granola (€7.50 with or without gluten); delicious blueberry pancakes with a spoonful of whipped cream (€8); and a beautiful slice of banana bread (€5)… Yum! To drink, there are fresh smoothies in all colors, like the Mixed Berry (€6-7). Dishes €7.50 to €14. // J.G.

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