C’est la star du camtar qui régale !

If he’s no stranger to the gastrological summits thanks to his restaurant AM, Alexandre Mazzia also knows how to handle himself on the streets! This October, as Covid decided to send us into overtime, the master chef opened a food truck called Michel (named after his fisherman grandfather) on the corner of Rue Paradis and rue du Prado, to bring a little joy to the people of Marseille. What should you expect? Comforting and very affordable set menus (€21), which get switched up a regular basis, sold to go (no reservations necessary!). Served in a quarantine-friendly basket the other day at lunch: a sweet rutabaga, licorice, fresh ginger and Sarawak pepper velouté; a beautiful Aveyron lamb meatball tucked into a butternut squash and galangal milk, with pieces of squash, parsnip, whole cashews, sweet chili and fresh herbs (dill, cilantro…), served with two mini spinach and poppy seed brioche buns – outstanding! Before an incredible chocolate and cumin lava cake, pimped out with shaved radish from the star vegetable farmer Jean-Baptiste Anfosso! Another option? A mouthwatering croque-mazz (€12) made on multigrain bread and filled with suckling veal, hummus with smoked spices, eggplant caviar with cumin, ginger and galangal, Comté aged for 36 months, homemade cornichons pickled in white balsamic vinegar, and wild arugula…. The last piece of good news? Michel has no plans to stop operations after lockdown ends! // Goulven Le Pollès

FEELING THIRSTY? A hot drink is included in the set menu: delicious verbena-mint tea, an infusion of bergamot, thyme, bay leaf and green cardamom…

PRACTICAL INFO: Head to Plat de Résistance!, enter your address or geo-locate yourself, and see if Michel is on your personalized list of good, nearby, resistance-friendly restaurants!