Since Sars Majesty Covid XIX decided to stick around a little longer than expected, our big 20th birthday bash to celebrate Le Fooding’s best addresses of 2021 won’t be taking place this year. There won’t be an MC or an all-nighter to present this smoking hot award’s list, sandwiched between two national lockdowns… But as way of thanks to our long-time supporters, a few gift baskets were distributed to some secret lockdown pads, and for you, our loyal readers, we present this list of winning establishments! It’s undoubtedly the most gratifying one in the guide’s entire history… Just a little something to tide you over until you’re able to flip through the mouthwatering pages our birthday guide this coming Thursday, featuring the 20 chefs who have defined the taste of the times over the last 20 years.

Best Restaurant Guide 2021: Christian Qui, Marseille

The king of fish has struck again! After slicing up the best sushi in Marseille at SushiQui and playing pirate chef on the Noctillo sailboat in the Vieux-Port, Christian Qui has now set sail for the Goudes neighborhood. Read more here.

Best Restaurant Guide 2021: Bistrot Bao, Groix

Owner of Les Fumaisons in Groix, Patrick Saigot set up Bistrot Bao where the Kreiz Er Mor crêperie used to be. Tourists and fishermen alike come to wolf down the delicate treats made by Julia Carrio and Maxime Quiltu… Read more here.

Fooding Crush Guide 2021: Rita, La Vierge à la mer, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

When Greg Back, the owner of La Vierge in Paris, told his chef Matthew Robertson: “You’ll see, one day I’ll take you to Basque Country,” the American chef probably had a sheepish smile on his face…. Read more here.

Best Bistro Guide 2021: Café Les Deux Gares, Paris

Say goodbye to Au Train de Vie and hello to the Café Les Deux Gares! This old bistro located above the Gare de l’Est train station has been entrusted to Jonathan Schweizer and Frédéric Lesire… Read more here.

Best Chef Guide 2021: Daniel Morgan, Robert, Paris

At Robert, bottles of wine parade across the coppery bar, as the plates dance on the light wood tables… And what plates they are! Ever since the British chef Daniel Morgan took over the kitchen… Read more here.

Best Sandwich: Penny Lane, Paris

A tiny café where Johann Barichasse whips up three incredible sandwiches and little Mediterranean treats on a daily basis… Read more here.

Best Resistance Chef: Antonin Bonnet, La Boucherie Grégoire, Paris

In addition to dealing out top-quality meats, Antonin Bonnet puts a modern twist on his cuisine, not letting a global pandemic get in his way… Read more here.

Best Bar d’auteur: Bambino, Paris

Inside this cheeky wine bar, lovers of natural vin(yl) stand shoulder-to-shoulder around the raw concrete bar, while Fabulous Fab, flanked by two giant speakers, mixes Jean Carn, MF Doom, Flakes I… Read more here.

Best Stylish Bedroom: Château de la Haute Borde, Rilly-sur-Loire

Closed in the 1990s, the Château de la Haute Borde is now renewing ties with its past in the arts and the hospitality industry under Céline Barrère and Cécile Simon, alongside Violette Platteau… Read more here.