Et les meilleurs lèche-doigts de la rentrée sont…

As summer vacation comes to a close and it’s time to head back to work, Le Fooding has a little something to help the medicine go down, with a selection of finger-lickin’ good lunch spots where you can enjoy what’s left of the sunny weather! Explore them all while seated on a sunny park bench, with your mask tucked under your chin, or even directly on the terrace if you can snag a seat…

The best antidepressant – in Paris

The Penny Lane café on Rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière is perking up the neighborhood with its incredible Mediterranean lunches – including a spellbinding sandwich dripping with fried eggplant, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, cabbage, hummus and tahini on Turkish bread!

The most loco taco – in Perpignan

Fresh out of the oven, Todos contentos y yo también is heating up Perpignan with its tacos: shredded pork and salsa verde, chorizo and grilled potatoes, extremely fresh vegetables… Each one is made on a delicious homemade tortilla and served with a side of very hot black beans!

The best homage to Beirut – in Paris

Located just seven minutes by foot from the Louvre, Eats Thyme serves Lebanese classics that’ll have you weak in the knees, including a freshly baked man’ouché flatbread topped with incredible za’atar… along with a selection of mezze: voluptuous labneh, authentic baba ganoush, a perfectly prepared monk’s salad (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onion)…

The most sizzling hotplate – in Saint-Coulomb

A Breton breeze, fields of buckwheat and views of the sea below… Welcome to La Ferme Breizh Café, where outstanding galettes filled with juicy sausage, garlic-soy mayonnaise or seaweed-infused mustard make their way out of two shipping-containers-turned-kitchens at both lunch and dinner! Take these treats to go or eat on-site, with some delicious fries cooked in beef fat on the side.

The most pizza-minded – in Sète

Camped out in the city of Sète, Nossa makes pizza just like in Napoli! So go ahead and wolf down one of the following: a puffed up Zucchina (ricotta cream, buffala mozzarella, roasted zucchini, pecorino crumble), a regal Régine (tomato, mozzarella, baked ham, button mushrooms, oregano), or even a cheeky Brunette (mozzarella, mortadella, truffled burrata, parsley). Eat in or take to go.