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Miss Lunch

Restaurant Miss Lunch à ParisMiss Lunch (Paris)

Despite being born in Belgium to South African parents and then raised in Canada, Claude Cabri eventually chose Paris as the place to open Miss Lunch in 2011, serving her melting pot home cooking to a handful of fans. The day we went for lunch: a delicate pâté of mushrooms and ricotta (€6); a subtle maatje herring fillet with cucumber and potato salad (€12.50); before a tempting baklava ice cream (€6). It’s all washed down with a wonderful Deck & Donohue beer brewed in Montreuil (€4) or a glass of Baux-de-Provence – a white from the Domaine des Terres Blanches at €4 a glass, or an organic red from the Domaine de La Vallongue for €5. It’s also worth noting that her épicerie section has some excellent olive oils, wild oregano and capers from the island of Pantelleria! À la carte €24.50. // G.LeP. 

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Restaurant Miss Lunch
3, rue Antoine-Vollon
TÉL : +33 1 53 33 03 59
Métro : Ledru Rollin