Une nuit... dans l'arrière-boutique, Marseille

A night or two in the backroom of Maison Empereur, a veritable trip back in time, what do you say? Laurence Guez, the director of Marseille’s most famous hardware store, has built a 90-square-meter bourgeois apartment decorated with a very 19th-ce...
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This pretty snack and wine bar doubles as a spiffy épicerie with hexagonal terra cotta tomette tiles, details fashioned out of cork, low lighting and dark tables where you can nibble on something more substantial than…

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Their favorite restaurants

Léonore Baulac, Austra & Benoît Cohen

Belle Maison, Paris / Emilie Bonaventure

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La Commune

After the success of Le Syndicat, mixologists Sullivan Doh and Romain Le Mouëllic are still fighting the good fight and opened La Commune in Belleville, in November of 2016. You’ll find the same classy ambiance…

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Le Bel Ordinaire

The fruit of a financial partnership between Cyrille Rosetto (a former e-businessman) and Sébastien Demorand (a food critic), Le Bel Ordinaire is a wine bar and cave à manger done up with lovely apple green walls…

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