Brand new! Get delivery from restaurants with Le Guide Fooding’s stamp of approval: Frenchie To Go, Hero, Bob’s Bake Shop, Candelaria...

La Maison du Saké, Paris / Youlin Ly

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Their favorite restaurants

Pascal Comelade, Fatima & The Eglo Live Band & Joseph Mount (Metronomy)

The five best addresses to drool over in Stockholm

Shed a tear over pigeon and a crouton, devour a whole turbot in a marina, savor a pea sandwich in front of a Chemex, go for chic tapas with a glass of Ganevat… And (maybe) win…

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Miss Marple

In the Cohen family, we already knew the mother (Marie-France, the co-founder of Bonpoint and Merci) and the son (Julien, the boss of Grazie, Professore…), so we were eager to see what the sister-in-law, Martine, had…

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Les Sardines aux yeux bleus, Aigaliers

Anna Karin, a former Swedish model, and Olivier, a photographer, had been dreaming for years about opening a bed & breakfast like the ones they used to stay in at Cape Town, while they were living in South Africa. Once they returned to France, rea...
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Les Apothicaires

Phew! So there is life after TV! After making it to the semi-finale of Top Chef 2012, Tabata married Ludo, her sous-chef at Marguerite, before taking an extended honeymoon at Atala in Belém and Redzepi in…

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