Où sucer des chairs au sang bleu

Clover Grill

A man of extravagant dishes and flat screen TVs, Jean-François Piège (Le Grand Restaurant, Clover) has opened up another fiery spot: the luxurious Clover Grill. Inside, raw meats are licked by the flames while spinning on…

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Neptune, Genève / Nicolas Darnauguilhem

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Their favorite restaurants

Tom Dingler, Alice Renavand & Bonga


After FleshFloyd’s and The Beast, meet MELT, the latest American BBQ joint given the Parisian treatment. Hooked after their discovery of Mighty Quinn’s – one of the best BBQ spots in New York…

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Bel Estiu, Saint Géniès

In 2014, Emilie Ergoll, who grew up in Normandy before moving to Paris, fell in love with the Périgord region and this old 18th-century farmhouse. Eight months of renovations later, Bel Estiu (“nice summer” in Occitan) welcomed in its first guests...
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Deux druides très cru ensorcellent Paris

Le 6 Paul Bert

Bingo at the mercato! Bertrand Auboyneau, the baron of rue Paul Bert (Le Paul Bert, L’Ecailler du Bistrot and La Cave du Paul Bert) has reeled in two big shots (with ten years of experience at…

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