Le Bois Basalte, Manzat

Back home after a few years traveling around, Mathilde, Lise, Julien and Sébastien wanted to make the most of their architect training in an exceptional natural setting, at the heart of the Auvergne department. Located 900 meters above sea level, ...
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La Pêche à la Vigne

Located along the harbor in Nice, La Pêche à la Vigne is a small old-fashioned cave à manger complete with glass jars, beautiful woodwork and grandmotherly tableware. It’s also where Brice Fortunato, the former chef at…

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Fabrice Lhomme, Rocky & Gérard Davet

Shugaa, Bangkok / Party Space Design

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Cross the Little Italian dining room of Da Vito (without letting yourself get distracted by the freshly baked turnovers), open the cold room room and head into the shadows of Moonshiner. In this dreamy speakeasy, Thomas Crand…

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Isla Calaca

Light wooden benches, green tiling, brass-trimmed tables…. It’s more chic than it is rustic, but Isla Calaca, onwed by Anne-Victoire Magescas (ex-Costes) and her brother Xavier-Manuel (ex-L’Office, Le Richer) puts a good ol’ Mexican…

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