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Le Grand Bain

The gilded hands of British chef Edward Delling Williams were already shining bright when he made sparks at Au Passage (and at St. John in London) with his chef de rang Edouard Lax. In Belleville, the…

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Potato Head, Hong Kong / Sou Fujimoto Architects

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Coldcut, Julia Roy & Laurent Mauvignier


Do you dream about the Sichuan Province? Hop off at the Bonne-Nouvelle metro station! That’s where Agnès, a native of Chongqing, has opened up this Chinese neo-eatery (light wood, waxed concrete, vintage posters) where she puts…

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L'Auberge de la Petite Echelle, Rochejean

Around an old mountain farm near Mont d’Or (in the winter, you’ve got to park the car 3 km away and finish the trip by ski or by snowshoe!), Norbert Bournez, an authentic Jurassian shepherd, has set up four big yurts and a hunter’s hut. There are ...
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Le Grand Bol

Our only complaint ? Since this article was first published a sudden surge in clientèle has somewhat messed with perfect system: uneven service, imperfect cooking, out-of-stock dishes… Let’s bet that they just need to adjust to

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